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It's OFFICIAL!!! After 60 DAYS of campaigning, our INDIE Campaign has come to a close and we humbly take our final bow. We lower our heads in gratitude and offer a huge round of applause to our 83 INDIE Funders who SPECTACULARLY helped us achieve 108% Funding! This is an amazing feat. 

SHOUT OUTS of GRATITUDE DELUXE to the following individuals as well as 22 "Anonymous" individuals for your contributions to our INDIE Campaign: 
Leila Drake, Sharon B. Shelley, Christine Sawyer, Toby Atkinson, Bonnie Collins, Elizabeth H. Larabee, Gary Bruington, Melanie H. Wofford, Rosa A. Pasarin, Allie Kronick, Deedee Vaughters, Cherie Le, Alli Brodsky, Hollie Lawing, Cecilia F. Chinchilla, Ferguson Taylor, Victoria Pulkkinen-Chiarelli, Tara Gragg, Carla Picchi, Ileana Zayas-Bazan, Graham Patzner, Brittany Deveau, Ernie P. Medina, Olivia Burnham, Brian Autenrieth & Family, Deborah Majen, I'land Girl & I'land Jack, Marlana Doyle, Rachel I. Balaban, Carolyn S. Ramler, Dr. Rachel T. Winer, Whitney Fink, Terrill Mitchell, Pacific Festival Ballet, Magdalena Maury, Mary Rodgers, Lisa Wolff, Manual M. Reyes, Laura Klein-Weiner, Eric Hester, Michelle Forte, Meoka McBride, Marta Bourke, Todd A. Grace, Colin L. Zimbleman, Matthew Wallis, Garance Nienhuis, Candace Rattliff, Dawn Dippel, Terri Russell / Yorba Linda Academy of Ballet, Adriana Flores Miranda Middleton, John Paul Roxo, Alicia Black McGee, Oliver Halkowich, Mark A. Shelley, Kelly Ann Vitacca, Axel Hering, Alan O. Alberto, Dean G. Shelley, Donna S. Hennessey, Leigh Sparks Barry 
WE thank you for helping us achieve 108% funding and for being the wind beneath our wings. With your assistance and generosity we are now able to purchase five round-trip airline tickets to Bulgaria! Your support will help us continue to realize our goal of becoming a touring company of national & international prominence. We are INFINITELY GRATEFUL for your gifts of support & flight. Thank you for becoming part of the equation.  
Your generosity + your belief = iMEE flying the friendly skies to Bulgaria! 

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the sum of four:  iMEE travels to Bulgaria 
60 days to raise 6,000.
Become part of the equation.