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Professional Touring Dance Company / est.2009

Bookings / Touring

iMEE – professional touring dance company is available for festivals, galas, special events, educational outreach, master classes/workshops in both, small and large venues. iMEE will bring an eclectic, mixed repertory contemporary dance program integrated with theatrical artists and musicians to cities worldwide.  iMEE will debut and premiere new choreographic works by artists: Spencer Gavin Hering and Andrea Dawn Shelley as well as new choreographic works by other National & International artists, including iMEE Resident Choreographer, Maurice Causey.


iMEE looks to not only enrich the community of a host city culturally, but to educate, establish and captivate an audience following. A varied contemporary repertoire is offered for all events.

For more detailed Programming information & booking, PLEASE CONTACT:  Andrea D. Shelley iMEE Co-Founding Director at: [email protected]