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Posted by imeedanceco on August 25, 2011 at 8:55 PM


What do you have to say about iMEE's recent performances  presented on August 18, 19 & 20th in conjunction with the Houston Dance Festival at Barnevelder Movement / Arts Complex in Houston, Texas? iMEE welcomes your feedback about "Superfluous" (iMEE Directors first, collaborative effort!) & "Grim Eye" choreographed by Maurice Causey. We look to hear from our audiences for our continued growth as an organization of national prominence.

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Reply Maurice Causey
6:54 AM on September 23, 2011 
Well Y'all I'm back home in Amsterdam for a while now recovering from a long awaited operation on my foot, so and have been wanting to express my gratitude for my recent trip to Houston, Texas.

I am so grateful to iMEE for inviting me to America to share my knowledge and to create a new work for this remarkable company. I walked away with an invaluable experience that will not easily be forgotten. The iMEE dancers prove not only strong classically but versatile in contemporary dance and an openness of work ethics that provided me a platform to create an intense theatrical work and to take risks, of which I consider vital to the creation process.

The collaboration extended further than the dancers themselves of course including the ever committed Directors Spencer Gavin Hering and Andrea Dawn Shelley to the Stage Manager Natasha Manley and Lighting Designer Jeremy Choate for their never ending support and efficient organizing to produce such an unforgettable evening. I am eternally grateful for without them this certainly wouldn?t have been possible.

To share this evening with the talented and versatile choreographers themselves Hering and Shelley gave me also an opportunity to meet like minded artists and to see fresh inspiring work which this world class company performed with elegance and ease. If there is ever any indication of the appreciation of a successful evening of dance, its your audience and I would have to say it was well received and an unforgettable evening of outstanding Contemporary dance.

For a non for profit Company such as iMEE to be able to produce such an International/ high quality performance with sophisticated artists of such caliber in these dire times on such a dismal budget was nothing short of a remarkable feat. I applaud your success.

Thank you iMEE for your contribution and continued dedication to the community of Arts at Large.

I sincerely look forward to a continued relationship with you all in the near future!

Warmth and Ciao Y'all
Maurice Causey
Reply imeedanceco
10:14 PM on November 29, 2011 
(Oliver Halkowich and his two cents...
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 10:41am)

When asked his thoughts on iMEE's past performances in August, this is what Oliver Halkowich had to say about working with iMEE for his second time!

That Bob Seger song keeps playing on the oldies station. You know, the one that goes..."workin' on our night moves in the summertime," And it's got me reminiscing about workin' on my night moves this summer. Oh get your head out of the gutter.... I'm talking about my time dancing with iMEE last month.....leaving the new Center For Dance on Preston and my 6 hour day with Houston Ballet, grabbing some sushi and kombucha at the new whole foods on waugh and heading over to the little church on Heights Blvd to ...well work on my night moves;)

This was my second time working with iMEE. Spencer claims that last summer I was skinnier. I was just off the plane from two weeks in Vietnam and still had my head in Ho Chi Minh's clouds when I started with Andrea and Spencer. It was such an exciting experience, equally challenging and rewarding that I hoped it was only the beginning of a relationship with the iMEE crew. This summer, after staying domestic in my summer travels, I started work with iMEE and Houston Ballet almost simultaneously. After a long week at the ballet, I walked into my first rehearsal with iMEE thinking I knew what I was getting myself into, a veteran if you will, with newbies Jessica Collado, my co-worker at Houston Ballet, and Britt Juleen, a former dancer with Dresden Semper Opera and coincidentally one of my travel partners in Vietnam the summer before, adding their expertise to the pot. Then I met Maurice Causey. After the first hour working on his new piece "Grim Eye", I was panting, I think I had pulled something in my hip, and was looking at the clock thinking how much more I could feasibly do. But...I was jazzed. The music was sick (I don't usually use that word but it is necessary to describe Gabriel Prokofiev's score) and the moves felt so nouveau and european and such a departure from the repertoire I was working on at the ballet. We finished up that day to the music of Elvis and Patsy Cline, me and the other guys around a table practicing being drunk (I knew all those late weekends were research) as Andrea and Spencer put down their moves for their joint collaboration, "Superfluous", commenting on vices, temptations, and the deceptive facade of the 50s. I was tired. I hurt. And I knew this was gonna be epic times (a Spencer phrase).

Bob finishes singing, "with Autumn closing in". Autumn isn't even peeking at us in Houston but my sister says that it's real close in Manhattan. I'm taking a little trip up to New York next month with Andrea and Spencer, performing Spencer's "4Ward & 4Gotten" at a festival at the Ailey Theater. Not a bad gig for our small little outfit. I'm reading a new book at the moment about Fernando Alonso, the husband of the famous cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso, who with a small handful of people, built Cuban ballet with no money and little support from the ground up to what it is today, producing some of the greatest talent in recent ballet history. I'm sure Spencer can attest to building things with no money, but we're feeling the support in Houston and it is thrilling to be along for the ride as I watch this small company grow.

Workin on mysteries without any clues. Workin on our night moves. Trying to make some front page drive in news. Workin on our night moves in the summertime. Bob may have had something a little less innocent, less entrepreneurial in mind when he wrote that song but me and iMEE are gonna keep workin on our night moves and makin some front page news. Stay tuned....