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Posted by imeedanceco on December 19, 2010 at 5:30 PM


With two months now under our belt with classes having been taught in November by Spencer & December by Andrea...

What do you think about Sunday Ballet with Spencer (& Andrea)

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Reply imeedanceco
7:17 PM on December 22, 2010 
Karen Singer (December 20, 2010)

I love our Sunday ballet classes! Andrea and Spencer teach the adult classes so that we learn how to improve our technique and become better dancers. So many adult ballet classes skip the details on form and substance, but not these teachers. I can feel improvement from the attention given to our strengths and our weaknesses, and the individual attention catered to our individual needs. Plus, you can see the joy of dance in Andrea and Spencer as they demonstrate the exercises and combinations, which makes the class experience all the more enjoyable. Please, don't leave Houston!
Reply imeedanceco
7:19 PM on December 22, 2010 
Bridget Schmal (December 20, 2010)

I truly hope the Sunday classes continue, as they have been absolutely superb. Allowing 2 hours for class for someone my age to study ballet is just awesome, and more importantly, you and Spencer take care and care enough to correct us all. I truly appreciate that. . .and I appreciate Hope Stone for being open to this added class! Though you exhaust me, it's a great exhaustion and stress reliever. And mostly, I feel that you teach me to move better than I ever believed I could. Best of luck in the new year!
Reply imeedanceco
7:20 PM on December 22, 2010 
Sally Terral (December 20, 2010)

I, for one, have so enjoyed having a class of this caliber on Sunday to add to my line-up of classes to take. As a 9-5 working adult in Houston it's hard to find a really good Ballet class that fits in my schedule. I hope y'all can continue - I love the way you push us to do more and actually give corrections (which I never get). No matter how seemingly complicated or difficult the steps are we still seem to be able to do them with y'all's encouragement. You both have such good attitudes about teaching us Adults (which I know is totally different than teaching kids) and never get impatient with us. I feel I'm expanding my mind and stretching myself to work harder and it feels great - Brain food! Bless Hope Stone for allowing/encouraging this and here's to more of it in 2011!!!
Reply imeedanceco
6:00 PM on January 2, 2011 
Renilda K (December 30, 2010)

Its great to have more options to go to classes on the weekends. Especially for us who have to work full time on regular weekdays. I'm really missing classes this holiday ... I think I'm suffering from withdrawals :) I can't wait for classes to start again.
Reply Donna
9:55 PM on January 2, 2011 
These classes are well-prepared and structured. Both Spencer and Andrea give the class their full attention. The barre and center exercises are clearly demonstrated and articulated. The pace of the class progresses well with plenty of time for questions, corrections, and plain old 'do-overs'. This class is a wonderful addition to the Houston open class community. Everybody should check out this Sunday (and only one in town that I know of!) class. It'll exhaust and exhilarate you!